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After a semester of artist blog posts and smaller assignments, the time has finally come to write my final blog post for this course and to reflect on my final project. This blog post provides details of what was done for this project, but please view my website for even more specific details (I didn’t want to make you have to read the same content twice Jason)

For my final project I decided to ‘digitize’ my identity and create a website for it. Digital identity is often written off as a facade and is viewed as not very genuine. While the reasons this stima exists are all incredibly valid, I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to create a website where the digital identity behind it was real — as I reflect on my website and content, I feel like I was successful in achieving this goal.

From collages, to gifs, to graphics, to audio, and more, this website incorporates original digital art that portrays some of the activities and individuals that matter most to me. The content on my website consists of 5 smaller scale projects that I had completed prior to this project being announced, but I felt they were still relevant enough to include on the website. It also includes a variety of 12 new smaller projects that I made from scratch for this project. Along with gathering previously completed items and creating new digital art content, a substantial amount of time also went into website design and writing the content.

For this project I primarily used photoshop and audition, and I also used Canva to create a few graphics and my website logo. The individual projects ranged from taking around 20-30 minutes to the longest was approximately 2.5 hours from start to finish. When shooting new videos to create gifs with, the average time it took to collect the usable context was around 15 minutes.

Due to the sporadic nature of when I worked on this project, it was hard for me to screenshot and document every step (I’m sorry Jason, I just kept forgetting until it was too late and by then I’d be so ingrained in what I was doing that I didn’t think to stop to document it. I also kept accidentally forgetting to save the file, so I’d save the editable file and the permanent content at the same time). However, based on rough calculations the breakdown of time and tasks was approximately as follows:

  • Brainstorming: 2 hours
  • Canva Products: 1 hour
      • 2 logos
      • 1 graphic
  • New Content Collection: 40 minutes
    • Journalism screenshots: 5 minutes
    • Softball Video(s): 15 minutes
    • Japanese Video(s): 20 minutes 
  • Adobe Programs: Probably going to be there Approximately 6-7 hours
    • ALS Key Collage: 2.5 hours
    • Games Collage: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Softball Collage: 40 minutes
      • Audition Products: Approximately 1 hour for the two clips
  • Other Photoshop Products: Approximately 1-2 hours
  • Website Design: 5-6 hours
      • Picking a theme
      • Installing plugins
      • Customizing theme
      • Uploading content
      • Laying content out
  • Writing: 2-3 hours
    • Wrote content for all the pages
    • Edited them
    • Refreshed them after edits based on how you felt it went

Again I apologize for the lack of images and hope the ones I did post are able to help better depict how my time was distributed in this project. Due to doing some in class, some briefly on canva, and spending more indepth time on others, I was unable to remember to consistently take screenshots. There are some images posted below with time stamps though to demonstrate the approximate times of some of the projects. 

Collectively, creating all the new digital products took the most time. However when combined, the website organization and design and the creation of the written narrative to go with the digital work, was the most tedious and time consuming portion. Using the Elementor page builder plugin provided me with more flexibility, but it can also be more finicky which resulted in the website organization and building taking longer than normal.

Overall I feel that my final project turned out very nicely. I am satisfied with how the website looks, I feel the digital art media aspects of it are interesting and engaging, and all of the narratives add up and make sense.  

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