A never-ending story: gifs and cinemagraphs

Study Session
A spinning shoe
A rainy day
Nighttime stroll
Hydration station

          For this project we had to create two gifts and one cinemagraph. One was meant to be outside with nothing manmade, one had to be autobiographical, and the third topic was up to us (so long as it was a cinemagraph). Also, all three of the final products were meant to be perfect loops so where they ‘started’ and ‘ended’ could not be identified and the actions depicted in it would appear like a seamless sequence of images.

          After having a shaky start to this project due to time constraints, an initial struggle to come up with ideas, and my first round of content being too shaky to create a perfect loop, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed about getting this project done well and on time. With that being said, while I may not have known how well I would be able to overcome all the obstacles I felt this project was throwing at me, I refused to go down without giving it my all. I rearranged my schedule to find time to shoot (a lot of) new footage and then took multiple trips to the DIGI Lab during the odd hours of night when I had moments of free time.

          When I was working in the lab over the past two days I found out that unlike my initial dilemma where I didn’t have enough useable content to create my projects, I now had a surplus. Instead of picking and choosing which content to use to create the required three, I decided to create 5 gifs in order to give myself more practice with this type of assignment and because I felt each video had promising potential behind it. In order to create a perfect loop, or at least a close to perfect loop, I had to edit the timing and transitions of the frames. Also, I had to go through individual frames to delete the excess ones that prevented the perfect loop and/or made the media file too large.

          Out of the five products that I made, some arguably overlap into multiple of the required assignment types and others fit into one. For example, the gif titled “Hydration Station” is my cinemagraph. But, when looking at “Nighttime Stroll,” that could fit into the first or second part of the assignment (or even belong to a currently non-existent category). Out of all of the gifs that I made, I had the most fun planning for and creating “Study Session” which qualifies as my autobiographical gif. To see my school work spread out, my laptop up and running, and an open coffee, is a natural scene for me which I believe plays a role in it being one of my favorites of my five gifs. Also, I want to point out that the “Spinning Shoe” gif was completely unplanned for. I was walking to the Old Apartments when I saw the shoe moving and realized the potential behind it for  a gif. However, I did not have my tripod with me at the time which contributes to the shaky nature of the gif and made attempting a perfect loop much harder.

    Overall while this project started as an assignment that had me stressed, in part because of a lack of available time and also due to the fact that I have never done anything like this in my life, it ended up being something I really enjoyed. Though I am sure there are ways my gifs and cinemagraph could be improved on, I was proud of my hard work on this project and I believe that my final products show that I gave it my best shot (which at the end of the day is all I can ever do). I am proud of myself for not giving up after the bumpy start I had to this project, and am also proud of how my five gifs turned out.

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